High Atlas,Toubkal summit and berber villages

High Atlas,Toubkal summit and berber villages Big Tour of Toubkal mountains 4167 m

Period: Mid June to Mid October
Denivelation positive and negative maxim (1400m)
5 to 7 hours a day-12 to 18 kms/day

high Atlas mountains are few kilometers from the imperial Red and Royal city (Marrakech) lot of berber villages built on the high plateau lovely landscapes to discover day by day, flora and fauna in national natural park (toubkal), Lake Ifni and passes to cross over 3500 m.

Day 01: Marrakech, Airport transfer to the Hotel,overnight
our staff come to the airport to pick up you at any time,day or night, transfer to the Hotel,overnight, free sightseeing if day arrival

Day 02: Marrakech 450 m,Asni 1100 m, Imi Oughlad 1400 m,Tacht 2000 m,Tiziane 1750m
Breakfast at 7 o’clock,pick up to the mountains by Taxi or minibus depend on size group, 1H130 drive 55 kms,stop at Asni for thineral water to buy, at least 3 bottles per person, then continue to lmi oughlad,meet our team (muletiers + cook) ,start to walk to Tacht pass 2000m by the Oak and juniper trees, 1H40 to reach the pass, rest and go down to the lunch place near the source then down to Tiziane village lovely valley, villages built with ground in different colours, overnight, 4H30 walk

Day 03: Tiziane 1750 m,Pass Teouti 2450m,Assaka,Tizgui,House, 1800 m
Breakfast at 7 o’clock,start to walk at 7H30,if too warm start earlier 6H30 ,walk up trought the small valley,stony river with lot of walnut trees,cross the (Bergeries,animal shelters) then old juniper trees,rest at the pass Tougdalt 2450 m,then down to Assaka river,small source with few walnut trees,then up to the next animal shelter,lunch under the walnut trees,rest and down to Tizgui big village,berber house inside the village.5H30

Day 04: Tizgui 1800 m,Pass Tougdalte 2750 m,Azib n Tamsoulte 2300 6H
Don’t forget to buy mineral water for a day ,Start at 7 am,because our day start by up hill to the pass almost 950 m up,lovely trail cross the small valley,good irrigation system by seguias,lot of fruit trees,really lovely day walking up to the pass,rest at the pass,then down in shade,juniper trees lunch at the river of Tizi Oussem,very nice and big village of azaden
valley,then go up to Tamsoule (animal shelter- bergerie-Azib), there is new refuge to stay with hot shower.6 h,2300m

Day 05: Tamsoulte,pass Mezzik 2500 m,down to Imlil, 1750 m, 5 h
Another wonderful day, walk up through the forest juniper trees to Mezzik pass 2500m,rest at the pass and long way down to the Ait Mizane Valley,big trekking village called (Moroccan chamonix),House

Day 06: Imilil,Sidi Chemharouch,Base camp Toubkal,Tents (Camp in front refuge),3200m
Easy day but important denivelation +1500 m high,we leave the main village,cross walnut trees forest to Aremd last village in the Valley,then Marabout sidi Chemharouch (frequented by lot of spiritual sickness people).rest and drink then up to the base camp,arrival around 1 pm ,lunch and free afternoon Camp in front of refuge we use the toilets (free) from the refuge.5 h walk

Day 07: Sumit Toubkal 4167 m,back to the same base Camp, Camp, 6H
Start always around 5 to 6 o’clock,well equipped,wind coat,warm clothes,hat for sum after the top,cover head, polar;good walking shoes (stony),some energetic cereals,3 to 4 h to reach the top.no technical way just walking on the stony trails,3 to 4 pause to drink to eat and Toubkal is done,then same way down hill 2 hours,free afternoon around the base Camp.1000 m up and 1000 m down

Day 08: Up to Tizi Ouanoums 3700 m,down to the lake Ifni, 6H,Camp,2350m
We leave the base camp,soo frequented, to go up to the Tizi Ouanoums pass 3700 m by nice mule trail, easy up need only 1H30 to reach the pass,see the lake from up and long way down by stony trail to reach lfri n Irouzene,lunch place then walk on the stones,base camp of the lake,free afternoon Swim and fish,water temperature is usually around 18 to 20°C,Camp

Day 09: Tifnoute valley,Amsouzert,free afternoon, 4H30, 1800 m
Last opportunity to swim,then start to walk up for 40 mins then downhill to join the Tifnoute Valley lot of berber villages to visit on the way.then arrive to Amsouzert,Overnight in berber house for shower and rest.

Day 10:Amsouzert,pass Ourai 3120m down Azib n Likkemt 2500 m,Camp,6H
Buy enough mineral water from this village (lot of shops),because next 2 days no water and 2 strong pass to go up,we walk up trough village to the pass OURAI 3120 m,rest on the pass and see the summit Toubkal,then down to Tinzar Valley lunch at the river,lot of animals (sheeps,goats),no shade down by the valley to Likkemt camp, near to the river,swim or wash, 2500 m

Day 11: Pass likkemt 3550 m, Asarou Camp 2400 m,Camp, 5H30
Start early,no shade all the day,cross the bergerie (animal’s shelter Likkemt) then no river,no water,straight to the pass 3550 m,rest and see Toubkal summit again for the last time,see lovely Imenane valley from uphill, long way easy down by big trail to Asarou Camp, Drink Shop at Camp

Day 12: Tacheddirt, Tizi eddi 2900 m,Oukaimden,Ousertek,Camp, 6H,1950 m
Again to the valleys and berber villages,start to go down to Tacheddirt big village,we cross it and straight to Pass Eddi 2900 m, nice view for the villages down hill,then down to the Ski station Oukainden lunch 2600 m high no shade then up few meters up then long way down through juniper forest we join the lovely landscape cross giliz berber village to camp in the vailey of Ousertek 1950 m

Day 13 :Ousertekimsskar,imioughlad,Marrakech,Hotel, 1H drive, 4 h walk
Lovely day magnificent walnut valley,discover quite berber villages,no trekkers just down to the last village and walk a bit up 40 minutes and down to join again Imenane valley,Imeskar and up again to pass El Bour 1600m; then last 40 mins down to join the same start point 12 days ago Imioughlad, lunch and dive to Marakech

Day14: Marrakech free sightseeing,monuments,gardens,souks
Free to walk through old medina, souks garden, overnigh at same Hotel.bed and breakfast

Day15: At any time transfer to the airport
Our driver will come to pick up you to the airport 10 mns from the Hotel,end of services at breakfast

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